VIP Status

VIP players are the ones who financially support the
As a reward, VIP players enjoy several minor benefits:

Guns and Scout
VIP players can access the /guns menu.
It's just a fun feature, because there are no gun runs, except for using the Scout which gets you to the Noob Top.

Stronger map voting rights
You gain +1 vote during map votes, ensuring greater certainty that you can play the maps you want.

Green text, VIP prefix, VIP on the scoreboard, Discord VIP role
You are prominent and special in the eyes of others. VIP status is a symbol of prestige.

VIP players gain some minor advantages on the HNS server.

Want to become a VIP player?

Use PayPal to purchase the VIP Status.
After purchasing the VIP, hop on Discord and let our admins know to activate your VIP status.

1 month
(2.49 eur / month)

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3 months
(1.66 eur / month)

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Best Value

1 year
(0.83 eur / month)

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* VIP status provides privileges on all the gameservers.
* Please pay attention to the PayPal subscription system and the possible recurring payments.
* Please note that all sales are final, and no refunds are available.